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Low BP home remedies
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Low (BP) Blood Pressure or hypotension is a medical condition in which a person’s blood pressure falls to such a low level that it results in adverse symptoms like dizziness, fainting, nausea, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and blurred vision.

Those with readings below 90/60 mm Hg are considered to have hypotension. Millimetres of mercury (mmHg) can be used to measure it. Low blood pressure can reduce blood flow to organs such as the brain, kidneys, and heart.

Many factors contribute to this condition, including dehydration, prolonged rest, inadequate nutrition, low blood volume, heart problems, pregnancy, and neurological conditions. Low blood pressure is also caused by certain medications, such as alpha-blockers, beta-blockers, diuretics, and antidepressants.

You can receive emergency treatment at home for low blood pressure if you have it. In this article we discussed Low BP Home Remedies that you can try.

Here are some remedies for cure Low Blood Pressure Naturally at Home:


A lack of vitamin B12 can cause you to become anemic, causing low blood pressure. It is for this reason that people suffering from low blood pressure and anemia are recommended to consume foods containing Vitamin B12.

Here are the things you will need:

  • There are many foods that are rich in vitamins, such as sweet potatoes, spinach, almonds, milk, eggs, cheese, and fish.
  • Taking vitamin supplements is also an option.


  • Eat spinach, egg, and fish as part of your diet.
  • With salted cheese, you can eat almonds and crackers.
  • Consume these foods on a regular basis.
  • Under the guidance of a physician, vitamin supplements can also be taken

Green Tea

Green tea, like coffee, is a source rich in caffeine. The exact mechanism of how caffeine lowers blood pressure is unknown, but it is believed that it inhibits the function of the hormone responsible for maintaining your arteries dilated. Tightening your arteries raises your blood pressure.

Here are the things you will need:

  • Loose green tea and green tea pouches.
  • 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Half a spoon of honey.


  • Add a teaspoonful of green tea to a cup of warm water.
  • Let steep for 5 to 10 minutes and pass through a strainer before drinking.
  • Otherwise, dip the tea bag in hot water for 5-10 minutes before drinking it.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey to taste.
  • Consume green tea two to three times a day.

Salt Water

The high amount of sodium in table salt makes it an excellent antidote to hypotension in times of need. High salt intake is strongly associated with high blood pressure, so increasing your salt intake may stabilize your blood pressure when it is low. But don’t eat too much salt and don’t drink too much saltwater.

Here are the things you will need:

  • ½ teaspoonful of salt.
  • A glass of water.


  • Place half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and mix well.
  • Drink the salty solution.
  • It is best used when there is a sudden drop in blood pressure. It must not be misused.

Almond Milk

Having almond milk may also increase your level of hypopressure. Because he doesn’t have saturated fat or cholesterol,and is rich in essential fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, it makes a great supplement to a low-voltage diet.

Here are the things you will need:

  • 5-6 almonds
  • Water


  • Put the almonds in a glass of water overnight.
  • Peel their skin in the morning and mash it into a paste.
  • Put them in a saucepan and add a small amount of water and boil to make the milk.
  • Drink almond milk every day to manage your blood pressure.
  • You can also blend almond milk into cereal or smoothies and enjoy it.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

It also referred to as tulsi in India, is popular for its therapeutic, anti-inflammatory, adaptogenic, and heart-protecting properties. It is also a rich source of many vital nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.Low blood pressure is treated with its therapeutic properties for a long time.

Here are the things you will need:

  • Approximately 10 to 15 holy basil leaves, washed and dried
  • Honey made from plant-based sources that is bee-free


  • To extract the juice from the holy basil leaves, crush them.
  • Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it with the juice.
  • This mixture should be consumed every morning.


Low blood pressure can be temporarily alleviated by coffee and other caffeinated teas. When your blood pressure drops suddenly, caffeinated tea or coffee can help increase your blood pressure and raise your heart rate. It is important to note, however, that this solution is only temporary and will only be effective for a short period of time.

Here are the things you will need:

  • A teaspoon of coffee powder or two teaspoons
  • One cup of water


  • Boil a cup of water in a saucepan until it starts to boil.
  • If desired, add two or three spoons of coffee powder.
  • 5 minutes on low heat.
  • Before drinking, allow it to cool a little.
  • Make sure to drink at least two cups of coffee a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

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