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How to Make Momos at Home Step by Step | KPH Media India

How to Make Momos at Home Step by Step
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Nepal’s most popular food is momos. It is available in many countries around the world today. Momo is a type of dumpling that is popular in Tibet and Nepal as well as some Indian states such as Sikkim and Ladakh, which have modified it to fit their tastes. Momos are made of maida (fine flour) and stuffed with vegetables, chicken, and seafood. This food is served with red chili souse, green chili sauce, and yellow souse.   As well as being available in every hotel and restaurant in Nepal, this has also become the most popular street food in the northern parts of India. You can make momos with various methods. Learn how to make momos at home with an easy vegetarian recipe.

Let’s Read How to Make Momos at Home Step by Step:

Ingredients of momos:-

• one cup of flour
• half teaspoon oil
• one Fouth teaspoon salt
•  half  cup of water
• 3-4 chopped vegetables
• Coriander leaves
• 2-3 Chopped chilies
• Ginger garlic
• 2 small size spring onion
• Black pepper1/2 tsp


• In the first step, we have to mix oil, salt, and flour in one bowl and then add water to it to make a soft dough.

• In the next step take a pan and put the oil in it to heat. once heat an oil add spring onion, ginger garlic, and 3-4 chopped vegetables now mix all ingredients with a low flame.

• In the third step add black pepper, and salt and turn around all ingredients.

• When all ingredients start to release oil turn off the flame and let it cool.

• In this step, we make the shapes of momos. Firstly we will Make equal small balls of dough and then roll them into small puris.

• Now we will stuff it and fold one end of puri and give it a half-moon shape.

• To steam momos, you can use a pressure cooker or idli pans. Put it in a steamer for 10 minutes till the outside layer will not become transparent. when the Layer Become Transparent. serve them with chutney

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