How to Grow Rice

how to grow rice
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What is rice:

Rice species is also Known as “Asian rice”, is a starchy grain that has been a major staple food for many cultures and countries—including Asia, Latin America, and Asia—throughout history and today. Rice
requires a wet environment to grow when it is first planted, so rice farmers often use the flooded plains and waterlogged soil along river this is called rice paddies, to plant and cultivate rice. Clay and Clay loams are the best soil for grow the rice.

Rice is highly energy food. Its staple food of about 2/3 population of the world. In world Asia grow and Consumed 90% of Paddy. The fat content of rice is low (2.0-2.5%) and much of fat is lost during milling. Rice grain contains as much vitamin B in wheat. Rice contains a low content of calcium. Rice is the second largest and most important food crop in the world.

Chromosome Number of rice- 2n= 24
Soil PH: 4-7
Temperature required: 21-37*

Steps How to grow rice:

1. Planting of rice:

Purchase seed from gardening or farmer supply store: You can also buy rice seed from nearby shop or take the help from local agricultural officer. There are 6 types of varieties of rice:
➢ Long, Medium,Short grain
➢ Sweet
➢ Aromatic
➢ Arborio

2. Choose Your Planting Location:

The most important thing we want to think before growing rice is soil PH it should me slightly acidic for better quality. Wherever you plant, make sure that you have a reliable water source and a way to drain that water when you need to harvest.
➢ Choose that location which receives full sunlight, as rice grows best with bright light and warm temperatures of at least 21-37*C.
➢ Consider the season, your area needs to allow for 3 to 6 months for the planting and flower growth. Rice needs a long and warm growing season, so a climate like the southern United States is best place to grow. If you don’t have long periods of warm place, it may be best growing your rice inside.

3. Gather at least 28-56g of rice seed to sow:

Soak the seed in water for plantation. Allow them to soak the seed for at least 12 hours before planting. Remove the seed from water afterwards. While your seeds are soaking plan out where and how you want to plant this crop. Most prefer to plant the seeds in rows which make it easier to water and weed. Consider,  building trenches and blocking the ends so that water stays contained and dammed.

4. Plant the rice seeds throughout the soil, during the fall or spring

Get rid of the weeds, till the beds, and level the soil.
➢ Keep in mind that area needs to be flooded with water. It is much easier to flood a few smaller spaces than one larger one. If you plant outside using several of seed beds will be
easier to manage and maintain the growth.
➢ If you plant in the field, be sure to de-weed come spring. The rice seeds needed all the types of nutrients and space they can get.

Caring for Your Seedlings:

1. Fill the buckets or the garden space with at least 2 inches it’s about (5.1 cm) of water for grow rice: Plenty of people say that keeping the soil consistently moist is plenty it’s is not need to
➢ Adding compost and mulch to the soil and slightly cover the rice grain. This will automatically settle down the seed into the soil.

2. Observe the water levels of the planting area, keeping the soil constantly wet: we want to maintain the 2 inches of water level to grow the rice. We want to make sure that our soil should be
wet it should not be flooded.
➢ To emphasize that flooding policies differentiate from person to person, rice-producing agencies sometimes flood up to eight inches. You may wish to up the water as your
plants climb up to the 7 inches.

3. Thin, or space out, the rice seeds to prevent crowding: Thin out the seedlings are not more than 4 inches apart in rows that are range between 9 to 12 inches. Allow the seeds to grow up to 7 inches tall, which takes an average of about one month to grow rice.
➢ Some people first to grow rice in nursery for plant growth since movement is always a part of the process anyway. If we want to follow this practice, we want to transplant this crop when it grow at least for 5-7 inches in height. This should be planted about a food apart into a muddy bed.

4. Wait for the rice grains to mature: It will take at least 3-4 month to grow rice for approximately to reach 17 inches tall. Let, the water dry out drains any excess of water before removing the rice for the harvesting.


1. Cut the stalks and let them dry. When the rice has turned gold for about 2 weeks or so after draining, they’re ready. Cut the stalks just under the head where the rice grains are placed.
2. With the stalk cut, wrap them in the newspaper and placed them for 2-3 weeks. The moisture should be fully dry out for you to get at the grains cleanly

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