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tourist places to visit in agra
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Agra is the city situated at the bank of the Yamuna river in Uttar Pradesh India .there are many tourist places to visit in Agra which attracts tourists all over the world moreover the beauty of Agra is incredible

Here is a list of tourist places to visit in Agra

1) Agra Fort:

Agra Fort

Agra Fort is an ancient castle withinside the town of Agra in India. In Mughal Dynasty it was the residence of the emperors when the capital turned from Agra to Delhi. Before the British rule, the ultimate Indian ruler who occupied it had been the Marathas. In 1983, the Agra fort was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. from its famous sister monument Taj Mahal, Agra fort was 2.5 km. The fort may be greater appropriately defined as a walled town.

2) Jahangir Palace:

Jahangir Palace

Jahangir Mahal, which is counted among the maximum famous traveler sights in Agra. It was constructed by Akbar and gifted to his son, Jahangir, as a personal house. However, Akbar’s wife used it as their fundamental zenana (a palace for ladies belonging to a rich background ).

It additionally served as the primary house of Nur Jahan, spouse of Jahangir. It is likewise one of the first homes to greet your eyes whilst you enter Agra Fort from Amar Singh Gate. Although constructed with the aid of using Akbar, but he denied taking any credit score for it, as in his is honestly mentioned by Jahangir

3) Khas Mahal:

Khas Mahal

Khas Mahal is also known as Diwan-i-Khas (private audience hall )-used to acquire kings and dignitaries who got here visiting, ‘Khas Mahal’ has a river on the only aspect and Anguri Bagh at the other. Built for the 2 favourite daughters of Shah Jehan, Jahanara, and Roshanara, it has a lovely tank in the front with fountains, white marble pavilions, and open courts.

The imperative corridor or baradari and the adjacent colonnade or portico are near to equal size. brackets. Withinside the partitions are believed to have contained pics of Mughal emperors whilst the iron earrings withinside the roof of the imperative corridor have been intended for the chandeliers. It is thought that Jahanara lived withinside the northern one of the nearly equal pavilions separated from the imperative corridor through an excessive marble wall. These crimson sandstone pavilions had been plastered with white shell plaster and feature skilful gold paintings in their mural paintings.

4) Mehtab Bagh:

Mehtab Bagh

Mehtab Bagh, which means Moonlight Garden, in Agra is extraordinarily famous for its photography. Most of the travellers go to the Taj Mahal at some stage in sunrise hours to view it at the time of sunrise. Supposedly Taj Mahal seems maximum stunning at some stage in the morning hours.

‘But discerning visitors declare that in sundown Taj Mahal gives pretty spectacular & memorable view from Mehtab Bagh, throughout River Yamuna. Mehtab Bagh is positioned at the left side of river Yamuna contrary to the Taj Mahal. The lawn is complicated is a massive rectangular in direct alignment with the Taj Mahal.

5) Tomb of Itimad-ud Daulah:

Tomb of Itimad-ud Daulah

It is located on the east side of the Yamuna RiverThis tomb is the primary mausoleum in India to be built totally of marble. You’ll understand that the stone used was the same as that of the Taj Mahal; in fact, this monument regularly is going via way of means of the nicknames, “Mini Taj” or “Baby Taj.” But simply due to the fact it is smaller in length would not imply you need to overlook it.

Travellers who visited the tomb had been fallen in love with its lovely architectural details, such as sensitive inlays, and impeccable symmetry. And in assessment to the Taj Mahal, tourists say there are fewer crowds here, which made them enjoy very peaceful.

6) Akbar’s Tomb:

Akbar’s Tomb

The tomb of Akbar the Great, positioned in Sikandra, withinside the suburbs of Agra which is a vital Mughal masterpiece, which comes into a construction among 1605-1613. Akbar himself started the development of this tomb, in keeping with Tartary tradition, which said to begin the development of one’s tomb at some stage in one’s lifetime.

The South gate of this tomb is the biggest with 4 white marble chhatri-crowned minarets, much like the ones of the Taj Mahal. The homes are built specifically from deep crimson sandstone. An inscription at the mausoleum reads:

7) Kinari Bazaar:

Kinari Bazaar

The slender streets at the back of Jama Masjid are a loopy maze overcrowded with colourful markets. There are some distinct bazaars here, every specializing in distinct wares, however, the region is usually referred to as Kinari Bazaar as a number of the lanes coming out from Kinari Bazaar Rd.

You’ll discover, shoes, fabrics, clothing, marble work, spices snack stalls, Amazingly, there may be unusual running elephants through the crowds. Even if you’re now no longer shopping for anything, simply on foot the streets is an enjoyment in itself.

8) Fatehpur Sikri:

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is a fortified town this is enveloped with the aid of using 6-km lengthy shielding partitions with numerous entryways on 3 facets even as fourth aspect borders on a synthetic lake. The town functions in the Indo-Islamic architectural fashion and is built with the usage of pink sandstone. ‘

“There is no infrequently an extra marvellous town in all India,” the British tour creator Eustace Alfred Reynolds-Ball opined in 1907 tour creator Eustace Alfred Reynolds-Ball opined about Fatehpur Sikri. We see here the provocation of the architecture of Akbar as if it shined from the hands of the builder

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